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  • Combat stress - it's easy!

    Combatting Stress: Summer is ending for students and vacationers alike, and I have to admit, this last summer was a blast. With long schooldays and long work hours awaiting us during the fall season, I think stress is a good topic to tackle. 1. Control your thoughts - My favorite way to tackle stress is to enjoy endless hours of beachtime while sipping ice cold lemonades. But let’s be realistic - we rarely have the time or opportunity to soak in the sun with an endless flow of refreshing beverages. With real schedules in mind, here are a few ways...

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  • My first blog!

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    Aloha all, Anela here. Welcome to my new blog on the AMS Naturals website! I’m writing from the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawai’i, from where it is easy to spread the “Aloooooha” and provide you with useful knowledge about living a happy, healthy life.   A little bit of information that you need to know about our our Hawaii-based company: AMS Naturals began producing all-natural supplements and beauty products in hopes to make the benefits of nature available to you anywhere you go. What makes our products stand out is the emphasis on “natural” - a word you’re probably seeing...

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