My first blog!

Aloha all, Anela here. Welcome to my new blog on the AMS Naturals website! I’m writing from the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawai’i, from where it is easy to spread the “Aloooooha” and provide you with useful knowledge about living a happy, healthy life.


A little bit of information that you need to know about our our Hawaii-based company: AMS Naturals began producing all-natural supplements and beauty products in hopes to make the benefits of nature available to you anywhere you go. What makes our products stand out is the emphasis on “natural” - a word you’re probably seeing on every other label out there. The majority of other products claiming to be natural, however, only contain a small percentage of plant-based ingredients and use synthetics to fill in the rest. The truth about the “natural” description of our products is promised and guaranteed: our supplements and beauty products are made from powerful fruits, herbs, and roots grown in mineral-rich soil; our capsules are vegetarian, our bottles are BPA-free, our labels are printed with soy ink, and we never test on animals. By assisting you all in balancing your body, we strive to help each and every person involved with AMS Naturals better their lives with education, awareness, and quality harm-free products.


What this blog will do: This blog will contain current and relevant information on AMS Naturals, our products, health news, news about Hawai’i, useful health tips, and much much more! Be sure to check back on Sunday for your dose of Naturals!

Anela-Lani Alumbaugh.

  • Ani says...

    Way to represent Hawai’i and AMS Naturals!

    On Aug 09, 2013

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