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  • Coming VERY Soon: Green Coffee Bean Extract

    Aloha Naturalites! We're putting our finishing touches on our new product of 2013: All-Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract with 50% Chlorogenic Acid. We already have a few success stories from our test group who have lost an average of 5 pounds each within 4 trial weeks!! You'll be able to order Green Coffee Bean Extract directly from our store within the week. Stay tuned! If you'd like to pre-order, feel free to Contact Us. 

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  • Been a while - let the silence not fool you!

    Aloha visitors! If you're tracking this blog, you'll know that it's been a while since our last post. But let this not fool you! We've been hard at work spreading the word, easing our operations, signing on more retailers so that you can find us locally, and doing the hard work so that you can rely on our products to be the best on the market.  That being said - we've got a personal favor to ask from you. Ready for it? Here it is: Please e-mail us with any new products you'd like to see added to our line....

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  • It's a LAUNCH!

    Hello friends - The new year is coming up and here at AMS Naturals, we're celebrating with a brand new website! We're launching the website as I type these words, and we're all extremely excited. We've dedicated long hours to work on making this site easy to navigate, informational, fun, and for the lack of a better word, pretty - we hope you like it! And if you don't, or if you really really do, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please "Contact Us" by clicking the link at the bottom left corner of this page.  More updates to come...

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