Reasons Unknown - Have acne? Asthma? Skin conditions?

It's surprising how many toxins get into our system without our express permission. I'm specifically talking about the food, clothing, makeup, and household products we buy without knowing how they are made or what they're made of. We trust retailers, magazines, TV commercials, grocery stores, and the like to not distribute products that will be harmful to our health. But the fact of the matter is that for companies trying to sell you something, it's almost always more about business than about social responsibility. So don't be surprised when you have an adverse reaction to something you can't explain. 

Many household products are made with toxic materials that will cause allergies, irritation, mental disorientation, and possibly chronic disease in the long term. Most makeup and personal care products (e.g. lipstick, mascara, shampoo, etc) sold in the United States contain lead, toxins,and chemicals that cause acne, birth defects, learning disabilities, and can lead to developmental problems (check out, or follow @safecosmetics on Twitter). Similarly, much of what we eat contains pesticides and hormones used to make our food look bigger, shinier, and more appealing while sacrificing nutritional content and purity. These pesticides, hormones, and chemicals are linked to asthma, acne, and other skin conditions. 

The point here is that many manufacturers lie about the hazards of their products, and most of what we consume is made with chemicals, artificial products, and carcinogens that affect our lives without our knowledge. 

So I ask you all to be very vigilant about what you purchase - not only to eat, but to wear, use, and live with. At AMS Naturals, we prioritize social responsibility over business. You can be sure that you're getting a product that has seen clean water, soil, and sun. Our products are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly and completely all-natural, our capsules are vegetable based, our bottles Recyclable and BPA-free, and we pride ourselves on not testing on animals. We don't use pesticides, preservatives, or artificial flavors to create our high quality formulas.  

Be a smart consumer. Know what goes into the items you purchase - you'll be choosing between having a healthy mind and body rather than one under the influence of toxins. 

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