Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We're getting great feedback about our products from all over - thanks for all of those who follow us on this blog and write to us about your experiences with our all-natural products! We're always open for feedback and suggestions on the types of products that you'd like us to make. So if you have some free time, shoot us a quick email with any of your ideas or stories, nothing's too outrageous or impossible. And if you want your stories to be shared on our website, just say so and it'll appear online like magic! =)

That being said, we've been busy planning the development of a few new products, while working on our new location on Oahu. 

Hoping your new year is off to a wonderful start....


p.s. Take a quick second to "LIKE" our products on our website...it will give us a better sense on what to make more of. Aloha.

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