Sleep - it flushes toxic waste from our brain !

We're all well versed in the wonderful benefits that sleep has on both our physical body and our mood. But did you know that during sleep, our brain is busy flushing toxic waste products that our cells produce daily?

A new study published on October 18th provides an even-more compelling reason to get a full night's sleep. “Sleep puts the brain in another state where we clean out all the byproducts of activity during the daytime,” said study author and University of Rochester neurosurgeon Maiken Nedergaard. Staying up all night and not getting an adequate amount of sleep could prevent our bodies from flushing out these toxins.

This study effectively gives meaning to the previously published sleep deprivation studies showing the immediate consequences of sleep deprivation. These include migraines, hunger, crankiness, an increased risk of seizure, mental fog, and lethargy. 


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