Turn that frown upside down! How sun, food, and positivity can help change your mood =)

Aloha all! If you’ve got the midweek blues, turn that frown upside down with some sun, good food, and positive people!


Studies show that the sun boosts your level of serotonin, which is also known as the happy hormone, explaining why many of us feel more energetic and uplifted while at the beach on a clear sunny day! If the shining sun doesn’t make you smile, turn to feel good food! The Archives of Internal Medicine reveals that people who stuck with a high-carb, low-fat diet for a year were overall less angry and depressed than those who stuck with a low-carb diet for a whole year. I know that the idea of using carbs to curb your grogginess is a scary idea, so if you’re hesitant about having a sugary baked good, consume products with Tryptophan. What is Tryptophan, you ask? It’s that thing responsible for wonderful Thanksgiving holidays... Thanksgiving is always a happy time with family and friends and part of that may be thanks to the turkey containing high levels of Tryptophan, a large amino that converts serotonin into the brain. You can also settle for a scoop of brown rice, a handful of nuts, or a tablespoon of legumes.

Of course, you can always also turn to fruits and vegetables, and AMS Naturals makes a Goji Berry supplement that will surely do the trick, if you were aware of the relaxing and wonderful sense of well-being the Goji berry has been known to induce, you’d understand its nickname, the happy berry! This super berry has also been claimed by medical and clinical experts to be the healthiest food on the planet, containing skyrocketing doses of anti-aging elements. It’s unique polysaccharide has the ability to increase secretion of the human growth hormone, which potentially slows down symptoms of aging and helps your other hormones function better!

Aside from a sunny environment and natural happy foods, an important ingredient for shifting into a positive mood is to surround yourself with positive people. Friends and family heavily influence our outlook on life and although sometimes they may drag you down, you have the power to spread the Aloha! Remember, you can either stand in one place with a candle in your hand or walk around with it, either way those around you will see the light! If all else fails listen to Bob Marley so that you “don’t worry, be happy!” :) Finish the rest of this week strong!

Anela-Lani Alumbaugh

  • Deesra says...

    This is really uplifting something can make my life more interesting. I would
    like a Goji anti-aging and a vitamin for my poor health.

    On Aug 15, 2013

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